PHR Anywhere
PHR Anywhere helps you communicate with your doctor:

    A current, comprehensive and accurate PHR will assist you
    Improve communications with doctors and care providers
    Arrive better prepared at doctor's visits
    Minimize paperwork
    Provide accurate and up-to-date information
    Provide self treatment information - such as over-the-counter medications
    Coordinate care between multiple doctors and care facilities
    Provides your doctor or care provider with pertinent, accurate information about
    you when you need it.

How will PHR help my doctor?

Maintaining your PHR enhances communication between you and your doctors. PHR Anywhere enables you to easily communicate your health information. You can print a report and take it with you, email reports, or if you are using the portable PHRAnywhere Card, a smart card solution, your provider may insert your PHRAnywhere Card into the computer and view, transfer, or print information in the healthcare facility.

Will my doctor help me to maintain my PHR?

You control the permission set on your PHR. If you allow your doctor permission to enter into your record, you will provide your doctor with the ability to access and input entries into your record. Each entry will depict who entered the information and a date and time stamp of when it was provided. If you do not wish to share your information or provide access for your physician to input, you don’t have to.