PHR Family
When using the PHRAnywhere personal health record, you can maintain individual records for each member of your family. Create a master family record with each member associated. When a child reaches the age of 18, their personal health information can be converted into their own individual PHR. All of PHRAnywhere services meet today's HIPAA requirements for privacy and security of electronic medical information.

    PHRAnywhere allows an individual to enter as little or as much information as you choose. When using PHRAnywhere, you can store and manage the following information for each member of your family:

    Personal identification data

    Emergency contact information

    Doctor/ provider information, including visit and hospitalization records

    Insurance plan information

    Important reminders

    Medical conditions

    Medications, dosages

    Immunization records


    Family medical history

    Test results

    Store important documents like living wills, insurance claims and more

    Store medical images

    Communicate with care providers' request appointment, etc.

    Generate reports

    Document miscellaneous and preventative treatments