What Is A PHR & PHRAnywhere?
PHR is the acronym used for Personal Health Record. A PHR permits an individual to securely gather, store, manage and share their own health information with whomever they choose: physicians, family members, hospitals

PHRAnywhere provides an extremely comprehensive PHR. Some of the many features of PHRAnywhere include the ability to:

    Track medications

    View insurance plan information including prescription drug benefits

    View and update family medical and treatment history

    View recently filled prescriptions

    Store important healthcare documents such as Living Wills and DNR Orders

    View recent office visit history

    Store physician contact information

PHRAnywhere is a medical information storage bank which also offers the unique ability for an individual to carry a pocket card (smartcard) which provides physicians and other healthcare providers access to all this information through the use of a "key code".

A PHR is a tool which enables individuals to play a much more active role in managing his/her healthcare. Whether you are active and healthy, managing a chronic condition, or caring for children or an elderly loved one, PHRAnywhere is the solution for managing all your health related information.