Are Smartcards and Smartcard Readers Neccessary?
Smartcards, which have been distributed to some members participating with the PHRAnywhere program, are used as a key to unlock a member's record. For members who present their smartcard at a provider's office using a smartcard reader, this is a quick way to obtain access to the member's records; however, this method of access is NOT required.

Provider offices not equipped with smartcard readers are still able to use the PHRAnywhere portal and view their patients?information using a slightly different method. This method is explained in a detailed tutorial in the help section of this web site, but in general the provider would simply:

*Register as a provider by clicking the Provider Registration link and completing your information.

Once Provider Registration is complete:

Enter the member's PHRAnywhere card number
Enter the member's subscriber number
Enter the member's date of birth
Enter the member's zip code
Enter the Physician Key Code as given to you by the member

*Provider registration is only done once. Offices already registered may omit that step and begin entering the member's information.